Best Way To Quit Smoking – Rtt Hypnosis Therapy

There are plenty of methods to quit smoking, including herbal treatment, meditation and hypnosis. Here is how to apply such methods.

Smoking not only harms the smoker but also the lives of his or her family members, so it is of paramount importance that a smoker quit as soon as possible. Studies have confirmed that smoking not only harms a persons physical body, but can have an emotional and psychological impact as well. Smokers suffer from short term memory, and frequently can face depression. Here are several treatments that can help a smoker quit the habit.

Herbal Treatment as Smoking Substitute

Herbs have been traditionally thought to curb smoking behaviour. Herbs that help a smoker quit smoking include lobelia, black cohosh, catnip and oat weed.

However, caution must always be exercised with herbal treatments. Always ask advice from a qualified health professional before starting any herbal treatment. One popular myth of herbal treatment is that herbs do not have side effects because they are from natural sources. However, that is simply not true. Some herbs, when taken in excess or mixed with other ingredients, can cause nausea or headaches, so it is best to ask a qualified health professional before using them.

Lolita inflata is another good herb, though taking this in excess can lead to side effects. What lolita inflata does is to act as substitute for nicotine. The good thing about it is that it is not addictive.

Meaningful Non-Smoking Activities

Another method for quitting smoking is to find meaningful activities to occupy one’s time. Smokers should use the opportunity to gain new skills. Find an activity that is enjoyable to do. When a person enjoys what he does, he will be distracted from smoking. Pick up healthier habits like going to the gym, or long distance running, or even just walking. However, if the individual lacks willpower, then hypnosis may be the answer, as a way to re-educate the brain from thinking it needs nicotine. My aunt finally gave up after 30 years of smoking after attending a Rapid Transformational Therapy clinic.

Create a Conducive Non-Smoking Environment

The smoker who is trying to quit should have an environment that is conducive to quitting. The hardest thing for a smoker is probably learning to say no. Smokers in the midst of quitting can start by avoiding friends who are frequent smokers and begin mingling with other like-minded individuals. There are also many anti-smoking programs they can join, where they will meet many others out there who are facing the same problem.

Meditation as a Smoking Cessation

Meditation is considered a form of self hypnosis that can achieve a state of peace and higher awareness. Meditation doesn’t need to be just restricted to sitting on a mat and staying in a stationary position for several hours. It actually can be done anywhere and in any form, from gardening to walking the dog. Meditation is good because it acts as a substitute for the the relaxing effect that smokers often gain from smoking.